Interview Day Circled on Calendar - Meet New Employer
Interview Skills Workshop
Take the fear out of interviews by taking a one day interview skills workshop. This workshop is designed to assist individuals who want to learn more about how to present themselves during an interview. Participants will explore: how to prepare for an interview, how to answer tough interview questions, and proper interview etiquette. Pre-registration is required and individual or group specific sessions can be arranged.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop
Designed for groups, the Resume Writing and Cover Letter Workshop provides instruction and examples of how to write an effective resume and cover letter to stand out from other applicants. This one day workshop explores topics such as resume styles, content, visual appeal, electronic resumes and follow-up letters. Each participant will leave the workshop with a folder containing their professional resume, cover letter and networking card. Group registration is required.

Job Search Workshop
This one day workshop will explore effective job search methods including networking and tapping into the “hidden job market”. Participants will identify their skills, learn job search tips and research local employers and the labour market. Individual computer terminals will be available for participants to visit popular online job search sites and learn how to effectively navigate, create site profiles and upload their resume. To get the most out of this workshop, participants should already possess basic computer skills. This workshop is available for individuals or groups. Pre-registration is required.

personality DimlogoPersonality Dimensions
Learn more about your own personality and how to better interact with other personality types in the workplace. Personality Dimensions is delivered to groups in a fun and interactive workshop that makes the learning memorable and easy to understand. This one-day workshop will take participants through the Personality Dimensions® assessment to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. Pre-registration for groups is required.

computer mouse on white
Basic Computer Workshop
This workshop is designed to give participants the information and hands-on knowledge of basic computer operation. The basic computer workshop is a great starting point for beginners and covers topics such as computer hardware, the desktop, using the mouse, MS Word and exploring the internet. Computer workshops are delivered according to demand. Please contact 902-794-7213 for more information. Pre-registration is required.

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